A bit of everything
A bit of everything
I am an animation student from México so I will post random art of mine ..sometimes.... well hope people like and blah blah enter my tumblr please

Love art and random stuff? random stuff about fantoms???ramdom photos of hot HOT people? you are in a god blog come here precious.....come here.....shhhh just come
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Andrew leaving the Whitley Market in Hollywood - november 5th, 2011


a guide for people who can’t tell the 90s from the early 2000s apart

  • if people are dressed in neon, it’s the 90simage
  • if people are dressed in space age metallics, it’s the 2000simage

(via thecallightman)

Dylan O’Brien for Greg Williams

Drew some gorgeous insta ladies and gents this evening. #selfie people, thanks for being fun to draw. #sketchbook #illustration #portrait #selfie